Looking for an active player

name: Danielle
age: 25
timezone: GTM-3
best ways to contact you: LJ, PM, Email, MSN
preferred medium for rps: Email, MSN

series you rp: ORIGINAL (preferred), Harry potter, x-men, real life, BSG,
characters you play: X-MEN: Professor Xavier, Beast, Jean, Scott, Rogue, Gambit, Storm...
HP: Lupin, James, Sirius, Snape, Lily, Molly, Hermione, Harry, Cedric...
ORIGINALS: A lot of original characters 25+ in the Harry potter world that can be adapted to any other world.
characters you want your partner to play: Anything you want. Too addicted to be picky, but I'd love original characters and I have a couple I'd love you to adopt. I can adopt your characters as well so you can finish those stalled threads from another RPG.

plot ideas?:Dystopic future where a group of green berets is left for dead in the middle of a civil war and has to survive. In this reality, women are not banned from infantry or any other positions and are equals to men.
max rating:I play anything but I don't like sex for sex's sake. I like a good plot.
limits: I don't mind playing gays/lesbos if the characters are like that, but I don't like making a gay guy straight or the other way around. I guess that SM is a limit as well. Oh and I don't like playing the characters out of characters so I won't play a Snape who doesn't like dark arts or a lazy hermione but I DO prefer original characters.

anything else?:
I have 12 years of experience rping. Please feel free to PM me.

Pride and Prejudice xD

name: You can call me "J" for now. 
age: 25
timezone: CST
best ways to contact you: private message for this journal or on aim: fitzwillmdarcy.
preferred medium for rps: email or private message. 

series you rp: Pride and Prejudice. I prefer the book or the BBC version, though my interest really falls in a continuation of the plot from the day of the double wedding at Longbourn. 
characters you play: Fitzwilliam Darcy. I will write as other cannon characters, but he's my favorite. 
characters you want your partner to play: Elizabeth Bennett or Elizabeth Darcy, depending on the timeframe. 

plot ideas?: Like I said, I am interested in a continuation of Miss Austen's original plot. 
max rating: NC-17, but I'm not a smut person for the sake of smut. 
limits: Well, I would have to think about this. Thank you for your interest. 
Smoakin', Felicity Smoak

(no subject)

name: Shoshana
age: 23
timezone: EST
best ways to contact you: Probably a comment here
preferred medium for rps: AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IJ, LJ

series: Supernatural
characters you play: Dean Winchester, Madison Owens, Jo Harvelle
characters you want your partner to play: Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle

plot ideas?: Various ideas, some AU, ok a lot of them AU, especially Dean/Jo, Sam/Madison.
max rating: NC-17
-Not every thread or rp can be around sex (I like relationship development)
-No incest or slash (Meaning, the Winchester boys line would be a hunt)

anything else?:
I haven't played Jo before, but I'd like to try her, to expand the numbers of characters from Supernatural I can rp.
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Does this look like a children's story? (specific craving: alice)

name: Jenny
age: 20
timezone: Mountain. (MDT)
best ways to contact you: Comment here.
preferred medium for rps: Livejournal, e-mail, aim.

series: Alice (2009 SyFy mini-series.)
characters you play: Alice.
characters you want your partner to play: Hatter, Jack (perhaps).

plot ideas?: I mostly just want to explore the 'verse, either in Wonderland or after the series' end. If you have anything specific in mind, let me know. Otherwise we could probably work something out.
max rating: NC-17.
limits: Unplanned/unexpected character death, some things involved with NC-17 ratings that I won't list here, the "N-word" (the one used derogatorily against black people -- I will block you/stop roleplaying with you the second you use it), god-modding.

anything else?:

(no subject)

timezone: MDT
best ways to contact you: MSN -, AIM - SeraphinaElm
preferred medium for rps: MSN, AIM, email.

series you rp: Original, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Angel the Series, Heroes, Marvel, DC.
characters you play:Original, Echo, Faith Lehane, Elle Bishop, Felicia Hardy, Selina Kyle, Harley Quinn.
characters you want your partner to play: Whoever trips their trigger.

plot ideas?: I like to brainstorm with whomever I'm partnered with, but I'm always brewing with a few new things I'd like to write out.
max rating:Adult.

anything else?:
I'd prefer the person I'm RPing with to be over 18.
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Specific Craving: Repo! The Genetic Opera

name: Ellie
age: 15
timezone: GMT
best ways to contact you: Comment on here or email me (message me for my email)
preferred medium for rps: MSN, email

series: Repo! The Genetic Opera
characters you play: Shilo, Blind Mag, Amber Sweet, Graverobber, Nathan, female 0C
characters you want your partner to play: Any of the film characters (both male and female), female or male OC

plot ideas?: I like brainstorming ideas, so we'll work that out if you're interested :]
max rating: NC-17
limits: None.

anything else?: I used to rp with a friend of mine from school, but that kind of fizzled out. I've been writing a lot of Repo! fic lately, and I've found rps to be a good way to explore the characters before I write them. I'm willing to try pretty much anything regarding plot-lines, so yeah, that's all really.
Smoakin', Felicity Smoak

(no subject)

name: Shoshana
age: 22
timezone: Eastern
best ways to contact you: Leave a comment here or IM me on AIM: Sams wolf girl)
preferred medium for rps: AIM, MSN, Yahoo or Journals (I'm really not picky)

series you rp: Supernatural, Women of the Otherworld
characters you play:
Supernatural: Dean Winchester, Madison Owens
Women of the Otherworld: Elena Michaels, Jaime Vegas, Paige Winterbourne, OC (Witch or Necromancer), and possibly Lucas Cortez
characters you want your partner to play:
Supernatural: Sam Winchester
Women of the Otherworld: Clayton Danvers, Jeremy Danvers, Lucas Cortez, OC (a sorcerer for my witch or a supernatural of your choice for my necromancer)

plot ideas?: Yes, I have them listed on my IJ, here. Or if you want to work some not on those, works for me.
max rating: NC-17
-Not every thread or rp can be around sex (I like relationship development)
-No incest or slash (Meaning, the Winchester boys line would be a hunt)

anything else?: I'm a college kid, so I may not be on every day until after 5 PM EST, but I'm on every day and on pretty much all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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specific craving: beauty and the beast

name: Charisma
age: 23
timezone: Pacific
best ways to contact you: Just comment to this post. If interested, we can discuss details in IM or e-mail.
preferred medium for rps: Livejournal or Insanejournal.

series: Beauty and the Beast
characters you play: Belle
characters you want your partner to play:
→ Beast

plot ideas?: None in specific, really. We could throw ideas off one another.
max rating: NC-17.
limits: None, save the REALLY far out the stuff.

anything else?: Absolutely no PWP, please. I prefer thought out storylines.
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Looking for Fun

name: Joleen, Phoenix, Samhain... pick the name for I have many lol
age: 22
timezone: Standard Mountain I believe... well at the time of posting this its 11:35pm
best ways to contact you: Aim (Chaodisthanatos), email (, MSN (
preferred medium for rps: Aim, MSN,

series: Original for the moment,
characters you play: Original female
characters you want your partner to play: Original males

plot ideas?: A few but would like to go over them with the prospective partners as I am looking to rp with 2-3 other people for a small personal rp idea I had. But it is a gang-bang scenario thus the 2-3 partners needed. But I was hopping to develop the story into a more semi-open relationship between the group.
max rating: NC-17
limits: There's very little that's limited except scat and piss play really if there's anything else again we will have to talk between the prospective partners as I don't like stepping on toes.

anything else?: Like I said I would like to try a group rp between myself and 2-3 others. Because of the perhaps sensitive rp Idea I don't want to go into too much detail.
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(no subject)

name: Melanie
age: 19
timezone: Mountain Standard Time
best ways to contact you: AIM (crimsongrace07), PM, comment here, or email (
preferred medium for rps: LJ or email. Not so much over IM or IJ.

series you rp: Heroes, Veronica Mars, Star Trek XI, Harry Potter, Lost, original characters
characters you play:
  • Heroes: Peter Petrelli, Arthur Petrelli, Molly Walker, OCs
  • Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars
  • Star Trek XI: James T. Kirk, Leonard "Bones" McCoy
  • Harry Potter: James Potter, Evan Rosier, Emmeline Vance, I have a bunch of OCs cause it's the little people that matter!
  • Lost: Kate Austen, Jack Shephard

characters you want your partner to play:
  • Heroes: Claire Bennet, Nathan Petrelli, Elle Bishop, Angela Petrelli, Sylar, perhaps Micah because I miss the good ol days of Micah/Molly.
  • Veronica Mars: Logan Echolls, Duncan Kane
  • Star Trek XI: Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Spock, Kirk if I'm not playing him
  • Harry Potter: Lily Evans, anyone from Marauders Era really. I'm cool with OCs here. That's pretty much all I play in this fandom.
  • Lost: Jack Shephard, Kate Austen (not a Skater, sorry)

plot ideas?: I like to brainstorm. So message me and we can talk!
max rating: NC-17. Sex, drugs, violence. It's all good. (Yeah, even incest. It is the Heroes fandom after all)
limits: Nothing that comes to mind at the moment.

anything else?: I like plot to my RPs but a little PWP is always good for the soul. I like romance as much as the next girl and I love to ship people sometimes. So long as you give me something to work with, I don't care about length. And um... I think that's it.